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Syncing your remote to your adjustable base

To pair your remote to your base:

  1. Locate the blue-button attached to the power cord on the power supply.
  2. On the remote, find the head-up button and the foot-up button.
  3. Push and hold all three buttons at the same time, you'll hear three short beeps... your remote is now paired.


To sync your bases:

  1. First, get two pieces of tape and put them on your remote. Label the left remote A and the right remote B with a marker. Make sure the remotes work with their originally assigned base. Do not skip this step it will keep you sane later down the road.  
  2. With remote A in hand, go behind base B and find your power cord and the blue button on it. This is your pairing button for base B.  
  3.  While holding down the head-up and foot-up button on remote A, press and hold the blue pairing button on base B. You will hear 3 beeps; this means it is synced If no beeps occur, make sure you are holding the buttons on the remote FIRST before you hold the pairing button.  
  4. Next, have both remote A and B in your hands. 
  5. On remote B press and hold the head tilt down AND under the bed light button at the same time. On remote A press and hold the head up and the foot up button.   
  6. Hold all 4 buttons for 10 seconds. 
  7. Finally, try out some of the features on both remotes to ensure they are properly synced together!  

*Please note: once bases are synced, only one remote will function. Keep the second remote as a spare or to use when bases are un-synced using the instructions below.


T0 un-sync your bases: 

  1. Unplug both bases and take the batteries out of both remotes. 
  2. Starting with one size, press the head up and foot up buttons on the remote while putting the batteries in the battery compartment.  
  3. Plug in the base and locate the blue pairing button on the power cord.  
  4. Press the head up and foot up buttons on the remote while also pressing the blue pairing button.  
  5. Once you hear a beep, check to make sure the base it operational.  
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for the other base. 

See the link below for more detail!